Broken But Beautiful

Broken But Beautiful season 1 & 2 follows the heart-wrenching story of Veer and Sameera. Veer struggles to come to terms with the loss of his wife Alina, who passed away in a road accident three years ago. Meanwhile, Sameera still pines for her ex-boyfriend Kartik, who has moved on to another relationship. When Veer buys Kartik’s house, he needs Sameera’s signature on the sale papers, leading to an unexpected encounter that changes both their lives.

Season 3 is about Agastya and Rumi, two individuals from opposite worlds who fall in love. As they pursue their passions, they learn about love, heartbreak, and the challenges of falling out of love.

  • Vikrant Massey as Veer
  • Harleen Sethi as Sameera Joshi​
  • Sidharth Shukla as Agastya Rao (Season 3)​
  • Sonia Rathee as Rumi Desai Season 3)​
  • Santosh Singh (Director)(season 1)​
  • Harsh Dedhia (Director)(season 2)
  • Priyanka Ghose (Director)(season 3)​
  • Reshu Nath (Writer) (seasons 1&2)​
  • Rajat Arora (Writer) (season 3)​
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